Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trading In Your Blog Post Key Words for Long-Tail Search Terms for Better SEO

Even when you're in a hurry,it's worth spending time to choose the right key words for your blog posts. It is never enough to post news. Readers interested in your topic need to be able to find your blog posts.

I have written here before about long-tail keywords.[See September 21,2017.] If you are not familiar with this term, here's a simple way to understand it. Handcrafted furniture might be the overall topic of your blog, but you can attract more readers if in each blog post you contain some specific key search terms, not words, but longer descriptions.

For instance, if a specific blog post is about using sticks to craft chairs. For greater SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you'll want to use more than handcrafted furniture as your key search. You would want to use phrases, i.e. long-tail keywords, such as: making chairs from sticks and twigs, natural stick chairs, artisan stick furniture, etc. In this way, you will more likely attract crafters, who are drawn to your handcrafted furniture blog because they are interested in specifically crafting chairs from twigs or sticks.

Secondly, use multiple keywords. As mentioned above. By using a soft saturation of several terms, not only will you post have the likelihood of attracting more readers, it will also be more likely to attract those who are really interested in making stick furniture and might share your tips with their friends. If you actually have an online business that sells handcrafted furniture, including stick and twig furniture, this provides you with the possibility of buyers who are looking for not just handcrafted furniture, but specifically stick and twig chairs.
As an added bonuses your blog posts will read well, as opposed to being clogged with overuse of a particular search word or term in every blog post. And, Google search will like your posts better.

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