Thursday, June 9, 2011

Looking at My Own Soft Drink Preferences

In examining my own soft drink purchasing habits I've found that I'm loyal...kind of.

I will say that I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but if the beverages are self-serve and no Coke is available, I'll push the Pepsi tap.

I would always however choose a non-diet Pepsi to a diet Coke or a Coke zero. I want the taste and if it has a few calories, so what! I am having the drink as a small enjoyment.

That brings me to size and how it influences my purchase, because I prefer the small cans of Coke or Pepsi to the large cans. [That's how I manage calories.] I don't drink a full size can or a full size bottle. And once a bottle has been opened, to me the flavor is never the same.

I really don't think the design on the can could ever sway my personal purchase for myself as long as I knew what was inside. Having said that my husband only drinks diet colas and I find it easier to put Coke zero in the grocery cart than diet Pepsi. So in that sense the sophisticated Coke zero can does influence my decision, but I do not personally drink it unless there is no other choice in the fridge.

The only diet soft drink product, in my opinion, that tastes anything like its non-diet counterpart is diet A&W root beer. However, I don't prefer root beer to cola, But if I had to choose a diet cola versus a diet root beer, I would choose the latter.

In general, I choose ice water with a slice of lemon in preference to diet colas or any diet drink. The exception is if I am having chips, I prefer any cola to no cola. Go figure.

If price is a factor say on a six-pack of small Coke vs. a six-pack of small Pepsi I am Scottish enough to choose the less expensive, if there is a big difference. I consider this a blip and not a long time choice.

I have never worked for any soft drink company. This reflection was inspired by the fact that I just took a sip of day old Coke zero, which was still on my desk. Yes, I was out of other choices and yes I was having Cheetos, a bad habit occasionally indulged.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advertising: Bravo Chrysler TV Commercial

Okay it isn't often _when was the last time_ that an American car commercial brought some emotion to the flat screen?

Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" gets my vote for a commercial that does, no doubt, do just what it set out to do: elevate the consumer brand response to Chrysler products.

It's advertising that commands attention, creates mood and is memorable cinematically.