Sunday, November 18, 2018

Out of blog Ideas? No Prob. Check Out Five of The Top Sites For Blog Content Inspiration

Hey, it happens. The holidays are looming. You have too many things to do. You're tired of thinking. The reasons are many that could find you facing your computer screen pondering what to post. Don't worry it happens. If you're wondering WWSD [What Would Shakespeare Do?] He would probably have taken a walk, dropped into a pub, chatted for a while and returned home ready to dip quill in ink and produce another masterpiece.

But here are a few quick ways to move forward in a contemporary manner. Have a cup of hot chocolate,coffee or tea and find some inspiration on these sites listed below. From short lists to lengthy ones, there's much to pour over to transition your mind from blank to buzzing. Unlike the Bard, you really don't have to get out of your house when you're out of ideas. Blog topics, blog trends,blog content ideas,long copy, short copy, to use blog photos or not, to use blog video or not. The list is lengthy and Mr. Google has you covered.

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