Friday, November 25, 2016

Google Introduces Revamped Version of Google Sites Enterprise Webpage

This week Google introduced a completely revamped version of its Google Sites enterprise webpage and wiki-creation tool.
The new version of the tool, which Google has previously described as one of its most popular enterprise products, is designed to make it easier for employees to create and share content within the enterprise via team websites.

The tool features a new drag and drop interface for adding text, links, images and other components to a website and for rearranging and resizing elements on the page. The revamped Google Sites is also designed to let employees work with and insert content from the Google tools they use the most. For example, the refurbished Sites now allows users to embed schedules from Google Calendar, plug in a location from Google Maps or a video clip from Drive.

The revamped version of Google Sites also comes with layouts and themes that are capable of scaling and fitting to any screen size from large desktop monitors to smartphone screens. It supports an integrated preview feature that lets developers see how their web page will look like on different screen sizes even while they are editing the site. For more information go to

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dotbiz Tip: Realize The Importance of Content When Guest Blogging

First of all, what is a guest blogging? It is simply when one blogger posts on another blog with the permission of that blogger. This is a good business strategy for attracting more eyes to your blog. At its best, it is mutually beneficial for the blog to which you are sending a guest post as well as to your blog.

It will be if you do your research. When you are developing a guest post, you want to write on a topic that is good for your readers as well as for the readers of the blog that you are pitching content to. Remember that your benefit of getting more readers to your blog is gained by having the other blog's readers read to the end of your article post to find your name and a link to your blog or website.

Also remember that people are busy and perhaps need a "carrot" or free offer as a reason to go ahead and click through to your site. By having them provide an email in order to receive your freebie, you are on your way to establishing a relationship with another regular reader of your blog or customer for your products or services.