Saturday, October 28, 2017

Why Should You Start A Blog? Don't Wait for the New Year to Jump Into Blogging.

Blogging is not just for people passing along information and gaining followers for their opinion. For instance fashion and fitness bloggers may just be trying to establish a strong presence online. However, if you are selling products or services online having a blog is one of the most cost effective way to drive traffic to your site.

Even if you have been totally fcused on database marketing by staying in touch with your current customers and offering them information on new products or providing them with a discount code. The email or phone list that you use only reaches your current customers. Why not start a blog and provide information on your products or services to anyone who finds it online and make it a point to make sure that as many people as possible find it.

By making your blog posts informative and even by featuring some of your current customers [especially if your blog is B to B] you enhance the chances that the people who read these posts will find a reason to click the link to your site where they can find more information about your product line and/or services. Moreover, by providing customers on your email list with information about your new blog you can probably count on them sharing some of the informations with others that they know. And, if you regularly feature some of your customers on your blog, they will in turn have a reason to share your blog with their friends and customers.

Your customers will begin to feel as though they know your company better. You can certainly provide them with interesting information and perhaps choose to be a little entertaining. As you do so, they will begin to feel even stronger about recommening your company and become the reason that more people buy your products or use your services. Even those random people who wander onto your blog may find a reason to click over to your site.

You'll get more than random people hitting your site if you write your blog contents with a few important things in mine. First of all, what will people who use your services or who buy your products be looking for when the type some words into the Google search bar? Okay, be sure that your blog post headings and some of your copy contain these words and phrases. Please use phrases, because if you just put a single relevant word into your copy used over and over the copy becomes for lack of a better word stupid. It will be difficult to read and intelligent people want be inclined to click over to your site. This is Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in a nutshell.

If you add photos or even video, be sure that you title them with search engines in mind. If, for instance, you are featuring a pic of a burgundy velvet top, don't just name the pic "top" or even velvet top. The more precisely you can identify your photo the more it will help people find your blog and be able to click over to your website.

If your blog is on your website there's nothing really wrong with that, as you could link from a description on your website for a particular item to your site's blog that has additional info on it. You'll have more internal links, but having it hosted elsewhere and linked to your website has the potential to drive more traffic to your site from people who do not already know about your company. The more links from other places, i.e. your new blog or copy from your blog that is you can have hosted on another relevant blog, the higher you'll climb in search engine rankings.

Having a blog on your site kind of forces your hand to provide fresh content to your customers. This is good thing because it gives your whole business a more appeal. Bonus and payoff, Google likes websites with denser content and sites that are active, hence your ranking with Google has some new ways to improve. Afterall why should Google bore searchers by serving up sites that are not the type of sites that a lot of web searchers are trying to find.

Whether you are ranking for key phrases, inside links or outside links, denser content or more active content, the benefits far out weigh the trouble of creating some fresh copy or contracting with someone to do so.More people are blogging about more things than ever before and it is time that you jumped in.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Survey Reveals that 45% of Eleven Major Industries Will Increase Content Marketing Budgets in 2018

Okay, if you're a writer you know how important writing is to inform and connect with current and future customers. It appears that management is catching on, too. This fact is good for you and for them.

Informa Systems recently surveyed 11 industries and found that 45% of these intend to increase their investment in content marketing in 2018. Those surveyed represent a broad composition of 11 industries operating at the center of today's global economy, including: Aviation, Information Technology, Finance, Agriculture, Engineering, Trucking and Hospitality.

The survey also found that 70% of these industries are currently using B2B content marketing. However, despite the projected growth in content marketing, many B2B marketers still face challenges in measuring their content marketing success.

Informa reports that despite the projected growth in content marketing, many B2B marketers still face challenges in measuring their content marketing success. To learn more about how you should be measuring your content look to the Content Marketing Institute for guidance. They offer a field guide to the four types of content marketing metrics. These are consumption, sharing, leads, and sales. For more info visit their website. Even if you produce your own content and don't have to answer to someone's corporate office, the information is something that will help you gain insight.