Saturday, January 27, 2018

Google's New BULLETIN App Asks Local People to Post News For A Hyperlocal News Blog

Google has launched a pilot for a news app to “put a spotlight on inspiring stories that aren’t being told.” BULLETIN is currently available as a pilot in Nashville and Oakland. It is a public, shared blog that doesn’t require any expertise on content management systems, HTML, or even an app download.

BULLETIN will help users tell “hyperlocal” stories. Readers will also be able to “Like” bulletin posts as they would on Facebook. When a posting author’s name is clicked, the reader is taken to an author page with a list of everything written by that author.

Google new local news app allows local news posters to just use their phones to post updates on anything local. It is similar to Facebook's "Today" product, which emphasizes local outlets and is currently available in six cities.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How To Enhance the Share Factor of Your Blog or Web Content

Okay, if your first set of 2018 Resolutions have either been checked off or tossed, maybe you're ready for another set that has nothing to do with losing weight or being more organized. If you are a blogger or a content provider why not determine today to make your content more likely to be shared.

Some of the best minds in the business say that making your content more inspirational, useful and topical are three major things that should be top of mind when you work on content. If you can inspire another mind, there's every chance that person will not only visit your blog again, but they may well be inspired to share your link with others.

If your content can focus regularly on information that is useful, people may bookmark your blog or once again pass the info onto others. If you blog with a wide sweep rather than a narrow focus it will be more difficult to maintain usefulness across your reader base. However, even if your readers are drawn from several different areas, the usefulness of the information may still apply.

Keeping your content topical is yet a third way to build readership. The best way of describing topical content is by saying it’s more of a news topic about something that’s happened recently. It tends to become less useful with time. Content that aggregates a swath of useful news of interest to their readers provides a real benefit as long as topical content is a regular occurrence.