Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dotbiz Blog: Free Web Content from Reuters

Fresh website content is a big thing for every online site. Now, there's a new, free and perhaps unexpected source, Reuters. Yes, Reuters, the 160 year old news agency, recently announced that it would begin offering text, photos, video and other multi-media packages to online publishers through Reuters Media Express. Not every available story will work for everyone, but free and prestigious is difficult to beat.

The content will be made available through Reuters Media Express on a metered basis, allowing publishers to use an allotted portion of the newswire’s content each month. Users will be allowed to search and view content without registration, and only require a log-in to download content from the Media Express site.

As the media industry navigates the unprecedented shift to digital publishing and online news consumption, Reuters said that it is committed to innovating and challenging conventional models in order to help publishers and expose more readers to its award-winning news content.