Thursday, September 21, 2017

How Important are Keywords and Keyword Phrases to My Blog Content's SEO

To increase their share of web traffic, every web blogger should always pay attention to keywords and keyword phrases in their copy. These are the magnets that draw traffic based on intuitive searches on Google. This all begins with keyword research. Know your market and know the words and terms that they will be exploring online.

When you have keyword-optimized content in your blog posts and, use but not over use those words and terms, searchers can find you based on their interests and your keyword "guideposts" that draw them into your content. If you're blogging for business, your blog can become a lead generator.

Please note that keyword phrases [known as long-tail keyword phrases] are increasingly important for rising up in Google search, because the pool of information is massive. If you're writing about fashion just using the word fashion as a keyword puts you into competition with zillions of blogs that use that keyword. However, if you select specific searchable "hot" fashion phrases you are defining the path to your blog for a sizeable group of online searchers by pulling your content up through the fashion word maze and into a smaller pool where it has a better chance to be found.

Very basic informational long-tail keyword phrases might begin with the who, what, where, when, how and why of something. As you search, you run across these all the time and they draw clicks because someone wants to know exactly how or why, etc.
Today, such motivational click phrases as five ways to organize your closet or the top ten places are likely to appear in headlines and meta tags. Likewise, use of the word Tip or Hack [as in an easy way to do something] draw viewers whether you are a fashion blogger, a food blogger or a business blogger.

The key is to incorporate precise words and search terms that your targeted market uses. Then use them, but do not stuff your copy with them. Your copy needs to be readable for your audience to relate to it. In other words don't beat them over the head with certain words and phrases once you get them to your site.

Remember that one of the best thing about blogging [whether you blog is on your website or linked to it] is your ability to slant each blog to a particular reader/searcher.

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