Thursday, June 11, 2009

Start Communicating

What is it that companies usually fall short of? You may answer money, but a lack of communication probably came before the lack of money. For many small companies not communicating frequently or in a relevant matter just comes down to time, particularly for service based business.

So here's something to think about if you aren't communicating regularly with your customers or communicating with new people to find new customers: it's time to stop and carve out some time to get on top of the problem.

If you're entrepreneurial, you probably think that you have to write these messages yourself because only you know your customers. And it is a good idea to jot down your initial ideas. At that point, it may make sense to outsource a number of PR or corporate communications projects to someone who can actually help you get ahead of the curve.

If you need sales letters, newsletters, press releases, blog posts or new web content, you need to have these communications written and ready to go out on a regular basis. Then be prepared to provide you feedback promptly so that your projects actually move forward. Indecision is one of the major stumbling blocks in the flow of communications.

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