Monday, April 6, 2015

Dotbizblog: E-commerce Sites Should Dig Deeper Into Content

One of the big trends in e-commerce is the burgeoning of content on retail sites. This goes to underscore the fact that customers, including online retail customers like to get a few tips and feel a little personality from the people they do business with. Some sites cover this base by including an onsite blog or at least a link from their site to their blog site. Others look to more descriptive copy and fun sidebars not only to woe customers to make a specific purchase, but also to keep them onsite a little longer and draw them a little closer to their brand.
Even if the site only offers an email newsletter by offering a sample copy or two, customers can actually decide to subscribe, particularly if from time to time a special discount code is included in the e-newsletter. Bonus? The e-tailer's name is in front of its customers more often and if the content is good, loyalty can blossom. Bottom line: content is king even if content is not the main reason for your site.