Friday, January 22, 2016

Dot Biz Blog Says Intelligent Content Convenes March 2016 in Vegas

Okay, we can all see the first month of 2016 drawing to a close. The new year hype is old, the resolutions are same old, same old and we're all eager to see what's ahead, really ahead. For content marketers and bloggers what you may need is an infusion of new ideas via the Intelligent Content Conference coming up March 7-9 in Las Vegas.

ICC is all about schooling you on the need to scale your content, leverage the right technology, easily repurpose and reuse content, and deliver content to the right person, at the right time, regardless of device. Who attends these gatherings, will you feel out of place and is the trip something you can write off as a biz expense?

Well, the answer to the first part of that question is answered by the organization as the following: Marketing practitioners passionate about leveraging content as an organizational asset, including communications roles, content strategists, managers and creators, and internal content change agents. Sessions will lean toward larger enterprises and those companies that want to bring structure to their content marketing with process and technology.

So, the answer to the second part is only something you can answer, but if you're an indie content provider looking to hook up with a larger enterprise, networking may make that possible. If you want to continue to do you own thing with better insight into the larger scheme of things, chances are you will benefit as well. If you're already involved as a major player you will already know about this conference and have it on your calendar.

Can you write it off? You, bet. And if you're feeling lucky, who knows maybe your stay at The M Resort Spa & Casino, at the special attendee room rate of $150 per night (plus applicable taxes and fees)will bring in enough winnings to pay attending the conference. Check out the details now at Intelligent Content Conference.