Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DotBiz Blog:Volkswagen Made Me Do It.

Okay, I haven't blogged about car commercials in awhile, but Volkswagen has made me do it. I admit, I have not seen any of Volkswagen's diesel oriented "old lady" commercials, so I had nothing to go on when I saw their rear-end event featuring a Passat with the "Golden Sisters". But when I saw this one, it raised an immediate question in my mind: What was Volkswagen thinking?

So much of the commercial consisted of tight shots of the aging "sister" trio that the VW rear and any logo branding kind of dropped out of the picture. Furthermore, following their repartee was not all that easy. So instead of immediately grasping the fact that VW is having a year-end sale, I was left puzzling over what I had just seen and heard and why.

Big question: Are aging spinsters the new ideal target market for Passats? Why is this trio not reliving their youth by tire kicking a VW Mini Van? Third question: Is Volkswagen trying to refocus potential customers on a rear-end event? If so, could they not have auditioned a few more rears? I mean the actor is attractive enough, but his jeans are kind of saggy.

Finally, unless this really amps up floor traffic, what about placing a rear view mirror on these commercials and instead telling consumers why they should drop everything and buy a Volkswagen.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dotbiz Blog: Could Your Site Lose Its Right to Private Domain Registration

Most people who have a website have been asked whether they want their domain name to be private or public. Opting for privacy costs more, but is considered an advantage by both private and commercial website owners as it prevents a domain owner's real, private information from appearing on a WHOIS search and therefore making the owner more susceptible to among other things identity theft and harassment.

Now, that privacy is at risk as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN)has been asked by an entertainment industry group, known as the Coalition for Online Accountability, to limit the use of proxy registration services. ICANN is considering not allowing domains used for commercial purposes to enjoy that privacy. A broad view is that any site running ads is commercial.

While the loss of private registration would on the surface make it easier to find and sue those who have abusive domain name registrations, it would also open up more private information for criminals to utilize. The current right to privacy also protects whistleblowers who expose crime, waste, and corruption. It also preserves the ability to speak anonymously which protects people with unpopular or marginalized opinions.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) opposes the new proposal to roll back anonymity.

Although the time for public comment has just passed, you can read an initial report on the issue by going to and searching comments for the following: GNSO Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Working Group Initial Report. A vote is expected later this year.