Friday, February 1, 2019

Have Wellness On Your Mind? Why Not Begin Sharing Your Knowledge, Insights and Inspirations With Others?

If you want to start your own blog, but keep thinking that there are already too many blogs on the topic. Think, again! Wellness is a great general topic to begin thinking about if you have a personal interest in health. Decide what particular group of readers that you would relate to best. Narrow it further by deciding if if you want to reach men, women or both. Do you have a knack for talking with teens, young moms, retirees?

From nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health, the range of topics in the wellness genre is broad. So, ask yourself, "Do I prefer to write about healthy recipes, organic foods, exercise, diets, safety, etc? After you've decided what aspect of the topic most interests you, then do some more research.

Google those various segments of your interest and see what comes up. For instance, search organic food blogs and get an idea for the number of bloggers engaged in this topic. Review how they have sliced and diced the topic: what are their writing styles, do they follow their topic farm to table, do they include recipes, shopping tips, etc. Then google another wellness topic, etc.

Start your own wellness blog by deciding what you want to say. How might that be similar to or very different from the blogs already online. With a clear vision of what to say, it's time to pick a domain name. Remember you can attract readers by including a term that they might be searching if they are interested in your topic. Next, choose where your blog will be hosted. Sites such as Blogger are free.

If you choose a wellness blog, congratulations because your own blog will help you stay informed and be inspired to continue maintainong a healthy lifestyle. these websites are full of useful resources to help boost your well being.

This is Go Red Day so show your support for the American Heart Association!

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