Thursday, May 3, 2018

What Are The Best Times To Publish New Blog Posts?

Timing is not an aspect of a blog that everyone considers. I've never focused on blog timing, but some research reveals that not only the time of day, but the day of the week that you post can have an effect on readership. If you blog only once or twice a week some suggest Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Whether you post on those days or choose to be an every day poster, it seems as though early morning is the best time for increased readership and posting to social media.

This timing advice is not fail safe, particularly if you've already surveyed or researched your target readers and found out they follow a different time trend. However,if you haven't, you're probably like a lot of other bloggers, who just blog when they can, especially if they're just getting started. However, most blogs allow you to write in advance and schedule a post date and time.

Using Google Analytics to track your traffic, it's easy to get started. Once you've signed up [it's free]record the published time of each post. Using this data you can sort your visitors by the hour to see which days and hours rate the highest.

Make it a point to find out what your readers want more of and when they prefer to read online, you'll be better prepared to make your blogging successful.

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