Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Helpful Ways to Make Your Life Easier and More Productive

With 2018 looming large, now is the best time to add a few more tips for making your life easier and more productive. You could be buried alive in all of the information related to these topics. To keep this fact from having a negative impact on your time and your business, I suggest starting with a few great resources and branching out from there.

For tips to get you started check out:
Hubspot Marketing Resources
Infusionsoft Knowledge Center

Whether you're a serial entrepreneur trying to run several service start-ups or a creative type trying to expand online and offline venues for your products, it's important to stay focused. Segment the time you spend on creation and the time you spend on marketing. Segment the time you spend socializing and the time you need to put on your hermit hat.

If you're creative try to work with the time of day or evening that you feel most creative. If you're the entrepreneur wearing three hats, try setting your enterprises apart in two or three hour segments for each. Make a list of ways you can co-promote them. Trade some of your expertise with someone else who has expertise that you need.

Search for services or apps that can make your work life easier and your personal life more enjoyable and economical. Save more than you splurge whether you're talking about clothing, food or travel. After all,most people work to get ahead financially. If you find it really difficult to cut spending in one of these areas, look for ways to profit from your overspending. For instance, if you spend too much on food, consider blogging about food or building up a reputation as a food or restaurant critic.

Bottom line: Don't let 2018 roll over you. Establish some traction here at the starting line that keeps you upright and on track.

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